When I bought my new bike, I had it all adjusted. Unfortunately, the brakes never worked right. I was told that since the bike was new, things  would take some time to "loosen up". The longer I had it, the worse it got.

My bike spent an afternoon with Craig and I can honestly say that the bike works better than the day I bought it! The difference is amazing.

Thanks for helping me feel safe out on the road!

Mindi P.

Vail AZ


I was fortunate enough to be Craig's first customer at Vail Bicycle Works. I was in the middle of  the bike portion of the Deuces Wild Triathlon in Show Low AZ when my back sprocket started coming apart. Luckily I was able to finish the bike ride but I couldn't use my lower gears. Aparently my good friends at TriSports didn't put it together right during initial assembly.

Craig took care of my bike for me and did a fantastic job. Now the bike is running better than ever!

Craig is a lot cheaper than the bike shops in town and super close since I live in Vail. Thanks again for hooking me up.

Stan Baird

My trusty ride, a '00 Santa Cruz Superlight, needed an overhaul after 12+ years of faithful service. So I googled local bike mechanics and was pleasantly surprised to come across the website for Vail Bicycle Works, located very near my home. Craig and I went over some options for upgrading a few key replacement parts which I then procured and Craig installed, and the net result is my trusty old mountain bike with a totally new facelift, and a very happy rider to boot. I would completely trust Craig to perform whatever service and parts replacement you might need for your own favorite ride (and his labor rates are extremely reasonable).
Rick V.


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