Common Services


Just a selection .........


Drivetrain Cleaning & Tuning: $30 

Firstly, the chain will be measured to ensure it’s within serviceable limits. Chain, cassette, chain rings, and front and rear derailleur will then be thoroughly degreased and cleaned. Front and rear derailleurs will be adjusted to provide optimal shifting performance. All components will be properly lubricated so you're ready to roll.


Derailleur Cables: $25 (cables extra)

Replace front and rear derailleur cables and housing. Derailleurs re-adjusted.


Brake Cables: $20 (cables extra)

Replace front and rear brake cables and housing. 


Bar Re-Tape: $15 (tape extra)

The best $15 you'll ever spend on your road bike.


Wheel Truing: $15-$20/wheel (depending on condition)

Wheel dish will be checked, and adjusted where required. Wheels will be adjusted for both lateral & radial tolerance.


Hub and Freehub Overhaul: $35 (includes front and rear wheels)

Cassette and freehub removed from rear wheel. Freehub will then be disassembled and cleaned, re-oiled and re-assembled. Wheel bearings will be adjusted and repacked with grease (adjustable type), or with cartridge bearings carefully repacked.


Headset Cleaning and Overhaul: $25

Stem and fork will be removed to gain access to headset components and bearings. These will then be cleaned and repacked with grease. Light pitting in cup races will also be removed to ensure smooth action of headset. All components will be re-assembled and adjusted to proper factory torque settings.


The ‘Works’ Complete Cleaning and Adjustment: $135

This covers all the major items, including:

  • Complete drivetrain cleaning and adjustment
  • Brake adjusted and pad resurfacing
  • Complete hub and freehub cleaning and overhaul
  • Headset cleaning and overhaul
  • Wheels trued
  • Cleaning and detailing of frame, wheels and all components

    It's going to feel like a brand new bike again after this.


    Specialty Work:


    • Fork rebuilds
    • Chris King hubs
    • Tubeless set-up
    • Damaged thread repair



    All work is performed on an appointment basis to ensure the highest quality service


    Note, I will not try to sell you any new parts that you don't need. However, even with proper care, all bicycle components eventually wear out. I'll identify any worn or damaged parts during service and will notify you before taking any action. Normally I have the parts you might need and can supply them at a competitive price. If you'd rather supply your own parts that's fine. Either way, try to support your LBS!

    I take the same approach for parts like cables and bar wrap. VBW carries quality stuff, but if you want say a new set of super cool cables in hot pink, buy them wherever you like and I'll install. I won't even make fun of your color choice. Probably.


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